The Association of Professional Researchers and Academicians (The APRA)


The APRA envisions a world where professional researchers and academicians are recognized and valued for their expertise and contribution to society, and where collaboration and ethical standards are upheld across all disciplines.


The mission of The APRA is to unite and support professionals providing collaboration across institutions and disciplines, and to develop, promote, and maintain professional standards of practice, including a professional certification program.



  1. To aid members in developing competency in their practice and research areas.
  2. To provide training for members entering into and continuing in their practice and research areas.
  3. To develop and maintain standards of professional competency.
  4. To develop and promulgate ethical standards of practice and research.
  5. To develop and promulgate research and development standards.
  6. To define and develop roles and responsibilities of researchers and practitioners.
  7. To encourage cooperation among professionals with similar interests.

Core Values


  1. Professionalism: The APRA values professionalism in all aspects of research and academic practice.
  2. Collaboration: The APRA values collaboration across institutions and disciplines to achieve common goals.
  3. Competence: TheAPRA values the development and maintenance of high standards of professional competency.
  4. Ethics: The APRA values ethical practices and research standards that uphold the integrity of the profession.
  5. Innovation: The APRA values research and development that promotes innovative solutions to societal challenges.
  6. Responsibility: The APRA values the responsibility of researchers and practitioners to contribute positively to society.
  7. Respect: The APRA values mutual respect among professionals and stakeholders, and recognizes the diverse perspectives and experiences they bring to the profession